Joe A, Owner, Accar Jewelry

Vernon and the Devoted Team are an absolute machine!  I have never seen someone work as hard for my business as they do.  I have not had the best luck in the past with “coaches” or “consultants” because the value wasn’t there.  They are worth every penny!  If you want to learn work life balance, increase your sales, train you staff, or more, you need to hire them and get them to teach you what processes and systems you need in your business to make you more successful and profitable.

Leonard H-Owner- Santa Barbara Jewelry & Loan

I have worked with other consultants and professionals in the industry that soured me, and honestly that is why it took me almost 2 years to hire Vernon and his team at Devoted Jewelry Consulting.  There will always be those that seek to just take your money and deliver the bare minimum, but the Devoted Team is honestly totally different.  I truly mean it when I say that they exceeded my expectations at every turn, including finding me a new manager as part of their Consulting packages.  Whether you have had experiences with other consultants in this industry that were good, bad or ugly, I recommend that you give Vernon and his team a chance.  You will not regret it!

Ken B. – General Manager- Royal City Jewellers

I’ve got more than 30 years experience in the jewelry business and I must say that these guys are fantastic to work with.  Give them a call and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!  Take the Challenge!

Fred Tardiff- Owner- LoanStar Pawn & Jewelry

As a business owner you have to focus on the fact that you get what you pay for and if you are not willing to invest IN your business and in your team, you are one step closer to closing your business.  They were able to help us build a website that will help us not only sell online better, but be number one in many search terms that we are not even ranking for now in SEO.  Their training was”simple” and allowed me as an owner to focus my team on certain goals and performance and put it all together in a seamless direction. I really loved that I could quantify what they can do for us, how they planned to do it, and was able to see the results from beginning to end.  Transparency of services is a big deal for us!

Beth A, Owner Capital Jewelry & Pawn

We decided that we needed some help with process, procedure, and making sure we have the right people in the right places for our business to be as successful as possible.  In addition to that, we really wanted to get to know our numbers and KPI’s better.  So, we hired Devoted Jewelry and Vernon Stading and we are very happy with the results!  He helped us narrow down the key metrics we needed to monitor as well as a structure for paying commission to our staff.  It became a place where our culture changed to a place of learning and enjoyment.  We enjoyed the success that we had with Vernon and when we have success, we want to share that with others.  Devoted  Consulting  was an asset for us, another tool that you can use to make your business successful!”

Brian L, Owner- LendingBear

“We already had a successful large chain of stores that was doing great. But what Vernon and Dan from Devoted Jewelry Consulting did for us was a real game changer.  Hands on training and suggestions for capitalizing on the missed opportunities in our store was absolutely amazing. Likewise, the marketing suggestions they gave us cost almost nothing and are making a major impact. We are seeing large increases in jewelry sales the pawn balance, service charges paid, and retail sales. We highly recommend Devoted Consulting For your business regardless of what your needs are!”

Adam G.- Owner Antioch Coin & Jewelry

Vernon and Devoted Jewelry Consulting are highly knowledgeable about the industry and did a thorough and valuable job consulting for the pawnshops and jewelry stores that  I run in California. He holds nothing back and went out of his way to diagnose and improve the issues I was having as well as give me the solutions to those problems so that I can fix them on my owner after they leave. Their expertise covers staffing and training, pawn procedures, marketing, business development, customer service, store location, size, and layout, growth strategies, etc. I recommend him highly.

Dan R, Owner and COO, National Pawn & Jewelry

When I first met Vernon and his team, I thought “what can he teach me when I have 30 years of experience in the jewelry and pawn industry”.  Boy was I wrong.  We should have hired them on the spot instead of waiting over 2 years to pull the trigger.  The process they have created and train on in this industry is unlike anything I have ever seen before and it works in any state, any sized store, and with any interest percent that you charge.   If you are considering hiring these guys, don’t wait.  Do it today!  It took us from not profitable for years, to profitable in less than 6 months!

Cliff F, Owner, FastCash Jewelry & Pawn

We hired Devoted Consulting and it was a wonderful experience! They really helped us define employee roles within our company and hold them responsible for their daily tasks. It has helped shift some of my daily duties as an owner to other employees and freed me up to do more essential functions during the day and really manage. Vernon’s metrics also really helped us to identify deficiencies in our business model. We were not pushing interest payments or sales nearly enough and as a result a lot of our interest was way past the 120-day due dates required by law in RI. I think you will agree that interest is absolutely a key metric in any pawn shop. When was the last time you reviewed how much interest was due within 30 days, 60-90, etc. By changing a few policies in the store, we have increased our pawn finance charges by over 6% in June and 40% in July alone compared to last year. I would say their consulting had an immediate impact for us and I only reviewed one KPI category. There are many other metrics he really helped us with!

Dug K, Owner- Axel’s Pawn & Jewelry

Devoted Jewelry Consulting got me excited about the pawn business again!  I love the processes and the training they taught us because it is simple and showing great impact on both my staff and with our customers. I can’t wait to see the results Continue and grow that I am already seeing. We also had the best Black Friday weekend ever.  I highly recommend their team!”

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